After spending 5 extra hours in the Dulles airport due to airplane problems, experiencing the worst 8 and a half hour plane ride, and spending an extra 7 hours in Munich I began reflecting on whether or not I had made a good life choice in coming to St. Petersburg. Finally on the plane to St. Petersburg from Munich I passed out. Two hours later, I awoke to the sound of the flight attendant’s voice saying, “prepare for arrival in 20 minutes” and looked out the window to only see thick clouds, so much for a scenic view. In the distance I could barely make out a orange glow. As we got closer, the glow became brighter much like a rising sun and I could feel the excitement build as the plane landed. Now though it is 4 in the morning and I’m more exhausted from sitting on my butt than I ever have been from hiking (that one time), I am looking forward to what the city of St. Petersburg will bring.
I promise to update as soon as I can
До свидания!