While I may have not hit all the major points in St. Petersburg, I did get to see the winter palace! It is incredibly huge. I felt like I had been transported into the first scene of Anastasia where all of the carriages arrive gliding on snow to the gates of the winter palace. Granted my entrance may not have been as graceful seeing how I almost slipped on black ice multiple times, it was still enchanting. How many beautiful furs women in Russia own is one of the first things I have noticed. I can’t even count how many coats I have looked at already in hope of one day owning it. They truly are fabulous. On another note I reek of smoke because Russia is the number one smoking capital of the world. That is to say the rate of cigarettes per person is the highest in Russia, unsurprisingly Ukraine comes in at a close second. Otherwise I am suffering from severe jet lag. Sleeping at 1:30 and waking up at 4:30 is no fun. Off to meet my host family 🙂
I’ll attempt adding photos later