Today I awoke to find that 10 am and midnight look strikingly similar as the sun decides not to rise until around 11:00. After packing my things it was time to meet my host mom. Those fortunate enough to hear about my experience with my Ukrainian host mom know that no other host mom could be worse. In that sense I was ready to meet whoever came my way. My host mother Natalia Chernook is an amazing woman. She is absolutely fabulous for the next three reasons 1) She owns one of the fur coats I have already mentioned above 2) She teaches English! This is going to be the best semester ever. She will be my living dictionary. 3) Her boyfriend bought me chocolate. Honestly, what is there not to like? I spent seven hours talking with her mostly about myself. There is always an exchange of gifts when living with a host family, and my small tokens of chocolate, a book, and a board game went a long way with her liking me. My room this time around is a lot larger than I expected (once I figure out how to upload pictures on wordpress I will show you where I live and what my apartment looks like). I am so so excited that I am living with someone who is so normal. She has yet to yell at me for anything and is the sweetest about letting me come home when I want and just in general letting me do anything I would like to do. My first meal consisted of so many things that I cannot even remember everything she fed me. I ate blinchiki, which are similar to crepes filled with meat, and another assortment with berries, then there was the pivnaya kuritsa, in English: beer chicken. We cooked chicken breast in beer for an hour and it was actually delicious. Tomorrow, 28.01.2013, will be my first day at school so wish me luck!