The first day of school I felt like I was 6 again, having my mom wake me up and walk me to classes because that is exactly what happened. My host mom Natalia woke me up, guided me to the metro and dropped me off at school. She also picked me up at the end of my day and asked me about classes just like my mom would. Of course this was the ideal day. Day 2 of getting to school was not as simple. I woke myself up and almost lost myself on the way to the metro and even better, I got out at the wrong metro exit. I was only down the street from where I was supposed to be, but in the dim light of 9 am in St. Petersburg, which could be confused for midnight, I was completely confused. Instead of walking around above ground, I simply returned to the metro and paid the equivalent of a dollar to use the correct doorway. Hopefully today I actually know what I am doing and don’t look like that foreign girl, fingers crossed!