Or for those of you who don’t speak Russian: Drunk Weather.  Today while talking to my brand new Russian friend (little victory), she told me that people who live in Petersburg have a saying something along the lines of go home weather, you are drunk! I don’t know why I found this so funny but I laughed for so long.  She went on to tell me this saying came about because one day the weather will be -10(C) and the next it will be +3(C).  I must say this is 100 percent true as I already witnessed the effects of +3 weather here.  All of the ice melts to create slush puddles, which makes walking completely uncomfortable.  But! Of course it is worse the day after when it gets to be -10 because suddenly all the slush overnight turned into shiny new slippery ice.  I went ice-skating today on my way to the metro.  I watched little kids sliding around the playground just for fun.  On my end it was more a test of balance and keeping on my feet instead of on my back.  I have yet to fall, but not to worry, I will write when the day comes when my dexterity fails me.