All of this talk about ice and it was bound to happen.  Today as I hurried to the metro stop in an effort to be early to class, I completely wiped out.  The black ice came out of nowhere as I turned the corner of a small grocery store and I landed right on my ass.  Surprisingly this never happened to me in South Bend, so this was truly my first fall.  Truth be told, it was not as scary as I thought.  As my day went on, I got to thinking about falling and came to realize that learning russian is much like my slip-up.  You kind of shuffle through your first year and arrive at some slippery parts and continue onto second year thinking you understand finally and boom suddenly out of nowhere the black ice just gets to you.  But, much like this morning, the cure is simply to get back up and keep shuffling.  Besides a little bruise on my hand I’m okay, and as for walking I have taken a penguin stance with a shuffle slide movement in attempts to not recreate this morning’s blunder.  In regards to my language learning,  I know there are more falls to come, but bring it on Russian!Image