Despite not having done much besides walk around for five hours looking at churches, I think my weekend was quite successful. I watched the movie Date Night in Russian and laughed so hard at some of the translations, sometimes there aren’t any words in Russian to explain a English sentiment. I also found a dress at Zara to wear to the theatre! Though I may not have money to eat, I do have something to wear to the ballet tomorrow! We are going to see a ballet about Tchaikovsky’s life. I will definitely be updating Wednesday about my experience.
In other news, Friday I had decided I was going to eat healthy and stop eating pirogi, little pie type sandwiches with loads of different fillings to choose from, for lunch everyday which are so incredibly cheap and delicious. Well, I came home after school and my host mom had brought me two huge chunks of pirogi because she heard me talking about them. Now I have to finish them before I can get back to eating healthy. Also, I found a yoga studio! I am working on joining, but have yet to be successful in becoming a member. Updates will continue as often as possible! Much love to everyone in the states ❤