Most importantly: The sun was shining so beautifully today! It is absolutely incredible how just a little sunlight can change your mood.  I smiled all the way home 🙂

Today I went to what I thought was a folk music concert with my host mom.  It turns out when you don’t speak Russian very well concert and children’s recital are the same thing.  I dragged along four other girls from my program and laughed so hard internally when I realized  we weren’t at an actual concert.  All in all it was off to a slow start, but ended with some incredibly talented accordion players and a great singer.  

I also wandered around a market place which was so incredibly packed with people trying to get me to buy everything from half-alive fish(I could still see it breathing) to some poorly made shoes.  Soon after I found some bubble tea which made the sunny day even better.  

Also, I am considering going to see the ballet Don Quixote.  Any thoughts?


some photos of the sun!