A short post about some observations I have made

A few days ago while on the metro I watched a man pull a flask out of a camera case and chug some of whatever was inside (probably vodka or cognac). Totally typical Russia.

On the other hand, I watched as this same man gave a man with no arms or legs (below the knee) about five hundred rubles (The equivalent of about 15 dollars).  I was so shocked by this act of kindness because it isn’t like people here to lend a helping hand.  For example, today a woman fell hard on the steps during morning rush hour and no one helped to pick her up.  She just gathered her belongings, brushed off her knees and continued on her way.  It was also different seeing a disabled person in Russia because this country was not made to be disability friendly.  Elevators are uncommon, roads are cobble stone and are usually missing large chunks in random places, and the steps to the metro have these awful incredibly steep looking ‘ramps’ built on to them.

Completely unrelated, my host mom’s boyfriend Igor came home from a trip to some far away land that I have never heard of.  This is due to my confusion about some country names in Russian.  On his first day back he had a little pink box with him. He told me in shaky English, “I am glad to be seeing you again,” and handed over the box.  We also played chess.  Hopefully, we can practice enough so that I can play well (unlike all those times I lost to 7 year olds when I was 12)!

My obvious delight at what was inside: