The very first day of classes I walked down to see the outside of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.  This church was built on the site where the final assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander II took place.  He did not actually die here as is most commonly thought, but he did pass away later that night in the Winter Palace.  This church was built in his honor.   About a month later I finally got around to going inside and this is what I saw: 

ImageImageImageImageI cannot explain how beautiful the inside of this church is.  The pictures do not even do it justice! Everything is a mosaic, the details of all the tiny chipped tiles come together so beautifully.  The inside of this church alone is a reason to visit St. Petersburg. 

On a less wonderful note, I caught a cold and sound as if my throat is made of sand paper.  My host mom was so worried that she quarantined me for the weekend.  I have spent my day reading in bed with our cat and drinking cup after cup of tea.  Hopefully there will be something more interesting to report on this next week! 

Until next time ❤