Hello all!

Things have been quiet around Petersburg, hence the lack of posts (thank you for noting Analea 🙂 ).  A quick rundown of the past week:

I spent Sunday at the Hermitage with my artsy friend Kaylie (thanks to her I have these photographs to prove I was there!)Image  We walked around for a while and not surprisingly things started to look all the same.  The Hermitage has one of the largest collections of art in the entire world.  Pick a time period, and artist, a style, the Hermitage has it.  We spent some time wandering around and decided we would break up our travel through the Hermitage into two hour blocks throughout our time in Petersburg.  This is what we came up with this time around: 


ImageA note about this amazing CLOCK I am standing in front of. Yes this is a clock.  A long long time ago, a tsar thought to himself, “There is not enough gold in the palace” (refer to the next photo so that you know this is not true).  He then thought to himself, “What else can I make out of gold?”  The answer is a peacock.  A beautiful giant peacock that in olden times would spread its tail, spin, and chirp at noon.  Now, in order to better preserve the clock it is wound only twice a month.  I watched the video in awe as did all the children around me (we got caught up with a first or second grade group.  The guide for the children spoke at a pace both Kaylie and I understood).  Anyways, Kaylie saw how much I loved this clock and now I have this photo to show all of you! 


That was my Sunday.  Wednesday we went to the museum apartment of Anna Akhmatova.  While the museum was not so interesting as to merit photos on this page, the food we ate afterwards is.


Though Russia may not be the first country to come to mind when you think of good vegetarian food, this tiny cafe Samadeva has some of the best food I have had in Petersburg! It is all organic all vegetarian and all delicious! Pumpkin soup, carrot and cabbage salad, hibiscus tea, and vegetable curry! Absolutely amazing 🙂 Thats all for now 🙂

Until next time ❤ 

Mami Grande deseo que te gusto leer esto, te sientes mejor, y no te olvidas que te amo mucho! besos de Rusia!