Is like being six years old again.  I have been at home since Wednesday afternoon and have not been let out of the house.  Though I had only a minor fever (100) and cold symptoms I was instructed to lay in bed and drink copious amounts of tea.  Lucky for me my host mom’s boyfriend is a doctor and he came over to make sure that I did not need to go to the hospital.  A couple of students from my program have already gone to the hospital with the flu and I was dreading being the next to go.  Igor told me that I would be fine and that I should drink lots of warm fluids. Thursday I missed classes to sleep all day and finally felt better.  Common remedies that I have been given include a bowl of honey with lemon chunks, put in the microwave until warm and spoon fed to me, as well as some drink made with tablets that dissolve (I have no clue as to what the tablets do).  Also, I am also not allowed to shower, I cannot even explain why this is.  My host mom simply said you are not going anywhere and you have no one to see so why shower.  My reason is obvious, I feel gross.  Finally, it is Friday and I have no fever at all! The sun is shining outside and there is no wind, but yet I am still not allowed out of the house. Granted I understand my host mom does not want me to be sick again, but I can’t help but thinking that I am already better.  Today is also the 8th of March which is International Women’s Day!!! This is similar to America’s Valentine’s Day, but it is much bigger and has much more significance in Russia. You have to buy a gift for each important woman in your life, this includes mothers, teachers, and friends.  My host mom gifted me a scarf and a hat and I gave her a card and tickets to see Swan Lake!  Igor gave me a big chocolate bar and told me that he wishes me the happiest and healthiest life possible and that the way to a happy life will be a man who falls in love with me, who is apparently not American, and we will have 5, maybe 6, kids.  Of course I just laughed it off, but for all I know Igor could be a fortuneteller.  That’s all for now! My apologies that all these posts are so late, but I forgot to pay for my internet and have not been able to pay for it because I have not left my house! (P.S I snuck out to pay for my internet! I feel as if I broke a law!)