best holiday ever

Maselnitsa is like having 7 days of Fat Tuesday, you really can’t beat that.  The maselnitsa party I wrote about previously was held at a small school and was done specially for us.  (just realized the post never uploaded…it will come I promise!)  In short it is a festival welcoming spring! 🙂  I will write in more detail about it but here is a photo story of what my friends and I did!

We headed out to Pavlovsk which is a huge park about 30 minutes from the city.  Thanks to traffic we had a miserable hour and a half ride to Pavlosk, but things only went uphill from there 🙂 

1. buying food 


Imageand more….

Image(best hot dog I ever had! it has carrots on it!!!)

2. The Sleigh Ride!


3. Wandering around



4. buying these cute dolls which are mini version of the giant lady maselnitsa (symbolizing winter) that gets burned at the end 

Image5. Watching Maslenitsa getting burned….from twenty feet away

ImageThen typical us we got lost on the way home.  We got on the right train, rode it to the end of the line and tried to get into the city, but of course you need your train ticket to let you out of the gates.  All of our tickets did not work and we realized we were at the wrong stop.  We got on the train heading back the other way and of course missed our stop again.  Then we got off on the next stop and had to wait half an hour in the coldest weather I have ever experienced in my life.  There was some dancing and singing and just in general some craziness to keep warm.  Ultimately, my friends and I made it safely home 🙂