So two weekends ago my friends and I went to Moscow!  It was absolutely insane.  First of all we booked first class tickets on the way there so not only was our ride a short 4 hours, but we also got some food (see picture below)


Upon arrival we decided to go straight to Starlite Diner.  I forgot how much I missed American food—burgers, fries, milkshakes, you name it, they had it.   After stuffing ourselves at dinner we decided to call a cab to our hostel.  It was amazing to see the city at night.  Lucky we called a cab because upon arrival at the address where our hostel should have been we were left on the street.  Our cab driver was so nice that he 1)found the number for the hostel 2) got directions from the receptionist and 3) led us right up to the doorway of the hostel, which we would have never found without his help!

We settled in and hung out with each other before deciding it was time to sleep to get up early the next day.  The next day was a bit more difficult to navigate as we were looking to go to two complete opposite ends of Moscow in one day.  We started by visiting MGU.  This is the largest university I have ever seen.  The buildings are enormous and the campus itself is a city.  Needless to say it reminded all of us of what American college life is like.


Afterwards we hit up a souvenir market and I picked up lots of little gifts 🙂 The experience of haggling was hilarious in itself and attempting to speak Russian the entire time in order to not overpay for items was fun.  There are always interesting people at these markets and it was so much cheaper than Petersburg.  Afterwards we headed back to Starlite to grab dinner yet again.  The entire day tired us out so much that we ended up staying in the hostel and making friends with people from all over the place in the common room.


Sunday we fit in absolutely everything we had left on our list to do which was a lot! We started at Tretakovskaya Galereya which is one of the most famous galleries in all of Russia.  After spending a couple of hours there avoiding the ladies who sit in all the rooms because we took pictures without buying a special picture pass, we headed towards Arbatskaya street.


This is the street where you can find everything American that you can think of.  Pink Berry, Hard Rock Café, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s!  We had a bit of a field day because we had been deprived of all of this for so long.  We wandered down the street and followed it down to Red Square!



(weird run in with polar bear and mickey)

Red Square is absolutely massive.  I never understood how large the area actually is.  We roamed around and took some funny photos.  My friend Ainsley started a trend of jumping photos and all around the square we heard people counting to 3 trying to snap a shot.  After going into Saint Basil’s Cathedral we took a stroll through GUM which has to be one of the biggest high end shopping centers in the world.  It was absolutely gorgeous.



DSC02912 Image

DSC02853 DSC02883 DSC02920 DSC02923

Then we headed to a Soviet Arcade Museum! We got to play games using old Soviet currency and goof around. Image


DSC02930Of course we had to end our trip by running to the train in order not to be late! It was a bit of an adrenaline rush that quickly faded once we got to the train station and made it safely into our cart.  Our return was not first class, but we all made it back in one piece to Petersburg ❤

Overall, Moscow cannot compare in my eyes to Petersburg and what I took from our adventure was that I am so glad to be living in Petersburg!