A couple of weeks ago a few of my friends went to this place where you dine in complete darkness. Intrigued, Ainsley made arrangements for me and a group of our friends to go and boy was it interesting.  The gist of the restaurant is that in complete darkness the rest of your senses are heightened.  The waiters in the restaurant are blind and guide you through a padded room to your table.  You pre-pick your menu, but only choose an option. For example, I chose the complete surprise, which means I had no idea what would be on my plate.  The other options were vegetarian, meat, and seafood.  These were only general categories and we had no idea what was to come. 

I remember being in shock at how dark the room was.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but the enveloping darkness was a big transition.  Then serving drinks was another experience all together.  I remembered seeing in a movie that I should put my finger in my cup to not overfill it and it worked perfectly.  Then came the food, Ainsley ordered the part with the appetizer while I just ordered the main meal and dessert.  Maybe I got too into it, but when Ainsley said she wanted me to taste a few things for her before she ate them, I was more than up for it! Needless to say there was a lot of hand usage instead of utensils and a lot of laughter as we tried to figure out what was on our plates.  I thought Ainsley passed me a mozzarella ball so I ate it all and continued to eat my meal, which I though consisted of steak…at the end of the meal we were shown what we actually ate

here it goes 


Lets start with appetizing dessert! this was so so yummy 🙂 it had mango!!!! In Russia:)Image

Then yummy main course.  I’m sorry duck, I thought you were steak, I promise.





and then…the appetizer dun dun dun…Snail you tasted like mozzarella