On Sunday I finally moved to my new apartment! This means that more often than not I am by myself, and I really don’t like this. On the plus side, I am now within walking distance to my university and live in such a beautiful part of Saint-Petersburg!! My host sister and brother from my previous apartment were kind enough to bring me and all of my things to my new apartment and help me get settled. We then decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out to the suburbs of southern Saint- Petersburg, better known as Pavlovsk and Pushkin. Pushkin is the place where Catherine the Great had her summer palace, and it is absolutely beautiful!! The park in the area is so nice. I am still figuring out how to insert pictures so for now they will be at the bottom of the post. After Pushkin, Sasha (in the photo with me) invited me to Pavlovsk with two of her friends. This park is also very pretty and we were able to rent a small boat and row around the lake a bit. Her friends were nice enough to drop me back at my place at the end of the night and I really had so much fun spending the day with them 🙂