I have decided that I need to see more museums and experience the city around me! I have been so caught up with school work. When I saw Palace Square I realized that I had yet to see it since my arrival this time around. Our university planned a guided tour of the Manifesta 10 art exhibit that is currently displayed at the Hermitage. For those who don’t know (as I did not know upon arriving at the exhibit), Manifesta 10 is a bi-annual contemporary art exhibit that is displayed in a different city every time. There is something for everyone here! Some of the art was quite different than what I have seen before and would consider art, but regardless, I had a great time! One of the pieces is a project that fixed the living situation of the Hermitage cats that live in the basement of the winter palace. Another, that is photographed below takes up a massive room and resembles a partially destroyed apartment complex. While another involved crashing a car into a tree in the courtyard of the Hermitage. Here are some photos from the excursion 🙂