My roommate and I decided to make the most of the first sunny day in St. Petersburg and head to the botanical garden. I am not much of a walker, but Sara convinced me that the weather was nice enough to walk the 3 miles to the garden. On our way, we found a tiny church that we’d never seen open and had a look around. Pictures were not allowed inside, but the photo below shows the outside of the church. 

When we arrived at the garden, we were told that tours were sold out, but that we could buy a general admission ticket. Wandering around, we soon realized why the tours were sold out. The grounds were pretty, but the weather in Petersburg has been cold. This means that almost nothing grew in the short time it has been summer here. A “peony garden” was a grass field, and the rose garden had seen better days. We still had a nice time roaming around and enjoying the sunshine. We ended the day eating dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and walking another 2 miles home. 

Here are some photos of the day!